Migrations - from old to new

  • Does your old software not deliver up to the demands of today?
  • Need an upgrade of your VB6, VFP or other older platform applications using these outdated technologies?
  • Need to enhance your old software during the migration?

From VB6 to .NET. From VFP to .NET - we do it all

VB6 is over 20 years old and has served it's time. Microsoft has retired VB6 and is no longer supported, nor is there any guarentee that your applications will continue to work on the future versions of Windows.

We have successfully migrated VB6 projects from every industry imaginable to .NET and using either Visual Basic(.NET) for the development language, since existing developers are used to the syntax, or to C#.

During our migration, we will enhance your application by improving performance and memory management but also take a deep interest in making the application better by consulting with you, so you do not get just a straight migration but also the care and quality that you and your application deserves. We look deep into your code and migrate the important features and code (functions, sub routines etc...) without duplicating effort and cleansing the code - so we only port over code which is needing to be ported over.

Maybe it is time to decide if you want to continue with a desktop application or maybe migrate your application and make it web accessible - either way, we are happy to assist and take on your migration project.

We have migrated a VB6 ERP application, roughly around 1.5 million lines of code in 7 months and delivered 3 months earlier than anticipated. This saved alot of time and money for our customer and with this, we are sure we can do the same for you.

Here are just some of the reasons why businesses upgrade from VB6 or VFP (Visual FoxPro) to .NET:

  • To Web-enable the application
  • To take advantage of the significant improvements in developer productivity and the enhanced features of the Visual Basic.NET and C# language and the .NET Framework
  • To consolidate the company software assets
  • To reduce the cost of ongoing maintainence of legacy applications
  • To ensure ongoing official support with industry standard guidelines

Migrations paths are always a challenge with legacy platforms. For instance, if you did anything interesting with OCX's or if the component you use already in your legacy application did not provide you with a migration path then you are left on your own. We aim to assist and enable the path of migration without the common pitfalls given our experience and recommendation from our customers.

If you are thinking about doing a migration then why not let us do an analysis without the full commitment? It may help you decide how much or when you wish to start migrating your project and what could be involved in the migration.

Get in touch to see how best we can help you migrate your project to a modern platform.