Services - what we do

We are a consultancy company and a software house that develop software tailored to your needs but with a difference. The difference comes from the attention to detail that we give and also making sure that the software we are developing, is easily managed even through its complexities and by that we mean a professional project structure with best practices implemented.

There are many ways to develop a solution however there never really has been an easy way to navigate through the project from the team who have delivered, can be a real mess and difficult to continue development with it when time comes for improvements or bug fixes. Sometimes you are expecting one result but actually end up with another and then when time comes to debug - you are unsure exactly where to go!

This makes the investment, financially and otherwise, somewhat of a waste.

It is our duty and obligation to ensure that you are always involved in what we do for you and to train you up (if required) to get up to speed with how the solution and being developed and why it is being developed in the way that we propose. We are very open to how you would like the solution to be structured and developed because after all, it is for you and your time and money is being invested. You don't want to be short changed or be taken for a ride.

We also provide you with expertise to help you get to where you want to be with our consultancy experience and knowledge. Whether you need someone on-site with your team or if you need us to help you win a project bid or have a "strong backbone" with you who knows what they are talking about with your clients, we are here to help.

There are many things involved when developing software and many processes. We always follow a process from end to end to ensure we meet your story and that the project is delivered on time or even earlier than the expected schedule date.

As more and more people want software developed in this fast paced world, sometimes quality lacks and usually it is in a very core and crucial part of the application process. One of which is having a strong architecture design in place and this is where we also excel at. By having a strong architecture, your application will last longer and have much more future proof and much more life in it. It is kind of like the human heart - if you don't take care of it then you will be in for some serious trouble as time goes by.

Intuative design, experience, know-how and can-do attitude is the way to deliver and succeed with us.

The president of the company has worked for Microsoft and given this, you can be assured that whenever you are in desperate need for help that we are here to be relied upon.

What kind of software?

Since it can be quite difficult to find software that is available off the shelf or ready to be bought, the general answer is to have software developed from scratch (i.e custom software development). This gives you greater flexibility in what you want.

We develop virtually any kind of software you want us to. For example, from a simple information only (brochure) website to a complex solution involving transactional data in a financial house environment. From a desktop application to a web and mobile application and beyond. No project is too small or too big for us.

We have created many applications for use within an organization but also for public consumption. We also upgrade projects from an old technology to using the latest technology that we see fit (so it is justified and nothing more than what is required), so this includes migrations and upgrades from say a VB6 application to the latest version of the .NET Framework and using either C# or VB.NET as the development language of your choice

The following is a sample of the types of technology we use to develop software:

  • Web Development (ASP.NET, MVC, Javascript etc...)
  • Desktop applications development (Winforms, WPF etc...)
  • Mobile applications development (Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Windows Phone, Android)
  • Services Oriented (REST, SOAP, WCF, Web-API etc...)
  • eCommerce (online web shops)

Every organization is different, every business is different. We have developed various types of applications for a variety of industries such as:

  • Digital media
  • Security systems
  • Public transportation
  • Consumer and commercial finances
  • Auditing
  • Real estate
  • Social media

and more. Get in touch with us to see how we can help. or learn more about the following:

Custom Only?

No. We don't develop software only if it is to be developed from the ground up. We also take an existing solution which could be an off the shelve solution and we can integrate it with other systems or just add more to it to give you the ROI (Return On Investment) if it is feasible.

Take for example Microsoft Dynamics CRM - a great CRM software that allows extensibility. If you already have a solution based on MS CRM then we can continue using it and extending it or modifying it to your needs.

Training and Mentoring

In this ever changing world of technology, it is very hard to keep up with the direction of change. Or maybe you want to learn how to develop software.

We can give you interactive classes and training to help you learn and get up to speed on areas that you want to excel in or brush up your skills.

Training may not be suitable for all so we also provide mentoring services where we can come on-site or have frequent calls to go through your code and see how it can be improved to make it better in ways that you may not even have imagined. Or maybe you just need a sanity check on those complicated areas - we are here to help, so why not get in touch?

Hardware, Networking, Backups...?

We are not just another consultancy firm or another software house!

Many companies focus on just software and leave the rest up to you for things such as building networks or supporting them, computer or server maintainence, backups. This can be annoying, a pain and a nuisance.

We are happy to provide support in all of these areas since we believe that if you are building an enterprise solution in software, then the foundation of which it runs upon should be the same without leaving you to figure out what to do. We want to provide a complete end to end solution.

This does not mean that you only get this extra level of service if you have a software development project - we do this as part of an everyday service! So why not enquire and see what else we can offer you?